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Everyone Thinks Marbling is Cool!

Enjoy together, the unforgettable art experience of printing a hand-marbled 100% silk scarf in under 10 minutes using the ancient art of Ebru. Guests watch as each others unique design instantly transfers and sets, as if by magic, onto the silk scarf (14x72).


Anyone can participate, no artistic ability needed. This art activity is perfect for the artistically shy, children of all ages, and individuals with disabilities.

Also, Happy Silk's "Make a Scarf" is very entertaining for spectators and the scientifically minded. Science and art come together in a truly miraculous way causing the crowd to sing out with oooh and ahhhs as colors burst up through the silk like magic.


Private Event - To book a private party or corporate event at your location commit to make 20 scarves. 20 Guests can each make a scarf or 10 guests can each make 2 scarves. Whatever configuration works best provided the 20 scarf minimum is met. Each 100% silk scarf is $29 +tax. We accept most credit cards and cash. 

Need a Location - If you have the 20 scarf commitment but don’t have a location let us suggest possible venues. When we meet at a public venue each 100% silk scarf is $35 +tax to help offset rental fees. We accept most credit cards and cash.

Guests will have the option to make extra scarves if desired and pay directly.

If you do not have the 20 scarf minimum Sign Up to receive notices about where you can Find Us around town or at fairs. Also, follow us on facebook.


We are completely self contained & set up in less than 2 hours. All needed materials are provided and we clean up without a trace.

We set up on any floor surface and provide waterproof floor protection.


We set up anywhere, including indoor and outdoor event sites. At least 8x8 ft are needed for indoor set up and 10x10 ft space is needed for a tent for outdoor and low light conditions. Please advise us of Low light conditions, they will need special consideration.